Honing Protection

See fair values for honing protection materials.
Give current upgrade cost and chance to see added value of protection honing materials.

The calculations are done by excluding cost of honor shards and silver. It's assumed that you won't be buying them with gold.
Option to calculate them will be added in future.

Honing Details

To level
undefined Icon
CrystallizedDestructionStone Icon
GreatHonorLeapstone Icon
Gold Icon330
Silver Icon38,760
HonorShard Icon228
MaterialPriceScoreIdeal Price
SolarGrace Icon
Gold Icon68
Gold Icon?
SolarBlessing Icon
Gold Icon146
Gold Icon?
SolarProtection Icon
Gold Icon309
Gold Icon?
MetallurgyAppliedWelding Icon
Gold Icon3
Gold Icon?
Prices byLost Ark Market